Chemical and Biological Engineering

You can find information specific to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering here, including details about signature authority, tax-exempt status, safety, financial management, human resources and payroll, instruction, grant submission, property and equipment control, and more.

Safety Training

Any student, faculty, or staff wishing to have access to the chemical room must first complete the chemical safety training that is offered by the UW Safety Department.  You can access this information at:

The Chair of Safety Committee is Prof. George Huber (


CBE has four reservable rooms in Engineering Hall, rooms 1119, 2024, 4639 and 3239.  Reservations are made through the EMS system. Please login with your NetId and password. Complete all requested information (date, time, room, etc).  A confirmation email will be sent to you upon request approval.  

Here are the EMS room reservation instructions.

If you need a room within 24 hours, the EMS system will prompt you to see your department representative. If you receive this prompt, please e-mail Susann Ely  with your room request information (date, time, room no. if known).

If you have questions regarding booking a conference room, please contact Susann Ely. Conference room keys for 1119, 2024 and 4639 can be checked out in room 2018.


Curricular Services controls all classrooms. If you need to schedule use of a classroom, it can be scheduled after classroom assignments are made each semester. If you need to reserve a classroom, please e-mail Susann Ely with the following information: Title of event/Name of class, quantity of people expected, event date and time, and the building or room you’d like to use. Please note that you need at least 3 days before a room is approved, so please plan accordingly.


Graduate students and Post-docs: Please see your PIs for key access.

New faculty and staff: Please see the Department Administrator Mike Morris for information.

Building Access: All faculty, staff and students associated with Engineering will automatically be granted building access via your Wisc Card.  If you have issues with your access please contact Matt Wornson, Engineering Facilities Manager in the Dean’s Office.

Payroll and Benefits

Contact the CBE Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Theresa Neisius, 2037 EHall for any payroll and benefit questions.

Hiring Students

All students must be set up on Payroll before they start working. Contact the CBE Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Theresa Neisius, 2037 EHall, before you hire a student.

RA Policy

CBE has one graduate assistant rate, with no differentiation between Dissertator/Non-Disserator status. To review these rates, please see Department Administrator or Payroll and Benefits Specialist.

TA Policy

All graduate students in CBE are required to TA for two semesters, this is usually during their second year.

Leave Reporting

Leave reports should be completed monthly and put in Payroll Coordinator or the Dept. Administrator’s mailbox. Mailboxes are located in room 2018.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are through Qualtrix and coordinated with Faculty Associate Andrew Greenberg, who also coordinates the Undergraduate Program.

IT Resources

CBE’s IT support is provided by Russ Poyner, 2037 EH, who should be consulted before making software or hardware purchases. For telephone line changes, contact Dept. Administrator Mike Morris.

Maintenance and Repairs

Contact Steve Schumacher for lab and room facility problems ( i.e. blown fuse, light bulb replacement, etc.). CBE’s Department Administrator Mike Morris provides back-up for repairs and service calls.

Printing and Copiers

CBE’s copy room is located in 2027 EH. See Russ Poyner  in room 2037 for copier codes and to gain printing access via the network.


Regular office supplies can be obtained in room 2027 EH or from the CBE stockroom (basement).

Equipment Loans

See Russ Poyner, 2037 EH for laptop and loans for other electronics.

CBE Seminar Series

During the semester, CBE hosts a lecture series very Tuesday afternoon from 4:00-5:00 pm. In addition to the seminar series, special lectures such as the Hougen Lecture Series, Founders’ Day and the Bird, Stewart Lightfoot seminars are recognized. More information on these events are here:

Graduate Recruitment Events

CBE hosts two “Visit Wisconsin Weekends” early in the year to recruit graduate students.

Please contact Kate Fanis for more information.


To edit your faculty profile, please go to: You’ll need to login using your NetID and password. You can create a new profile or edit your existing profile if one’s been created for you.


The College of Engineering has an external relations team who will work with you on exciting stories regarding your research, grants you may receive or anything else pertaining to your time here. If you have exciting news to share, please send details to Susann Ely and Renee Meiller.


The CBE website is managed by Susann Ely. If you have questions or changes, please contact Susann.


Follow CBE on Facebook. If you’re active on social media, follow and tag us in your posts.


The university has important regulations that must be followed in order to purchase or be reimbursed for travel. It is the traveler’s responsibility to understand and comply with UW travel and reimbursement policies and procedures. If you have specific questions about policies or procedures contact.

  • Travelers must be an authorized driver to claim mileagerent a car, or drive a university fleet car. See the Risk Management website for information.
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s airfare must be booked through Fox/Concur
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s lodging must be booked through Fox/Concur, through the hotel or conference site directly. Third party sites like Expedia and Travelocity as well as Air BnB are not allowed.
  • The University follows the federal meal and lodging per diems. A lodging and meal allowance calculator is available for travelers to determine per diems by location.  This may be used before travel to plan or after travel for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement – ***Please note, there is a 90 Day submission deadline for all reimbursement reports. The 90 Day mark starts from the last date of travel on the expense report.  Any reports received after the 90 days, will be denied.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.***
    • Travel and expense reimbursement is submitted by employees through the UW Reimbursement system.
    • Hosting meals for others requires an itemized receipt, attendee list and business purpose. There are additional forms required for paying for or reimbursing hosted meal expenses.  See the UW policy BEFORE you host a meal to learn about reimbursement requests.