Civil and Environmental Engineering

Department Administrative Staff

Department Chair- William Likos

Department Manager- Liz Funk Smith

  • Manages the department’s administrative staff and structure
  • Oversight of the department’s finances
  • Assists with all department HR needs and questions
  • Oversight of department policies, procedures, and committees
  • Assist with space management and renovations

Department Accountant- Sarah Baldridge

  • Financial oversight of department accounts (101, 131, 233)
  • Site Card Manager and Travel Auditor
  • 136 management
  • Assists with equipment purchases and purchase orders
  • Foundation account assistance
  • Property Control Administrator

Post-Award Accountants- Tracy Becker and Vicki Schamens

  • Help faculty/staff manage their campus accounts
  • Assist with sponsored project management
  • Assist with spending projections and project closeout
  • Assist with faculty startups
  • Assist with faculty 233 accounts

Communications Specialist- Amanda Thuss

  • Manages department events (Annual Golf Outing, Scholarship Banquet, Alumni Events, etc.)
  • Leads the department’s communication strategy
  • Responsible for department websites, social media management, and publications
  • Assists with alumni relations

Director of Development- Rob Herrick

  • Leads the department’s development efforts
  • Assists with alumni relations

Financial Specialist- Mike Watters

  • Assists with pro-card purchases and manages the department online purchasing doc.
  • Assists with payments to individuals and vendor payments
  • Assists with E-Reimbursement
  • Assists with travel purchases and Concur questions
  • Assists with UPS shipping

Payroll and Benefits- Jennifer Frisch

  • Manages the payroll operations of the department
  • Assists with the set-up and management of all Graduate, Undergraduate and Post-Doc appointments
  • Assists with benefit questions
  • Assists with visa filing and questions

Program Associate- Katie Bourassa

  • Assists with administrative needs in the CEE front office in Engineering Hall
  • Manages keys, conference room reservations, driver authorizations, copier needs
  • Assists the Chair with department projects
  • Assists with meeting preparations
  • Provides support to the department’s Adjunct Professors

Research Administrator- Erin Goeldner

  • Proposal submission support
  • Assists with budget projections and cost share projections
  • Effort certification questions
  • Assists with some sponsored project management

Financial Specialist- Sue Pustina

  • Assists with administrative needs in the WSEL building
  • Assists with WSEL pro-card purchases and manages the WSEL online purchasing doc.
  • Assists with WSEL payments to individuals and vendor payments
  • Assists with E-Reimbursement for WSEL faculty and students
  • Assists with travel purchases and Concur questions for WSEL faculty and students
  • Assists with 136 billing for WSEL activities

Faculty Profile

To edit your faculty profile, please go to: You’ll need to login using your NetID and password. You can create a new profile or edit your existing profile if one’s been created for you.

External Relations

The College of Engineering has an external relations team who will work with you on exciting stories regarding your research, grants you may receive or anything else pertaining to your time here. If you have exciting news to share, please send details to Beth Johnson and Renee Meiller.


The CEE website is managed by Beth Johnson. If you have questions or changes, please contact Beth.

Social Media

Follow CEE on Facebook and Twitter! If you’re active on social media, follow us and tag us in your posts.

Department Events

The CEE department hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Prior to each school year, you’ll receive a calendar of events for the year.  Please add them to your calendar and make every effort to attend.  You’ll receive emailed invitations closer to each event with details and instructions to RSVP.  Most of these events include graduate students and/or undergraduate students.  It’s a great time to talk to them outside of the classroom or research setting.


All students must be set up on Payroll BEFORE they start working. Contact the CEE Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Jennifer Frisch, before you hire a student.

  • Appointments cannot be backdated. We are required to do criminal background checks and I-9 verification BEFORE anyone can be hired. If you are planning on hiring someone, contact the department first.
  • All students must be enrolled in the UW before their start date.
  • Appointment %, start and end dates can affect benefits. Consult with the CEE Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Jennifer Frisch, in advance.
  • For RA, Student Hourly, Research Intern, and Research Associate (Post-Doc) Appointments, contact the CEE Payroll and Benefits Specialist, Jennifer Frisch.
  • For TA, Academic Staff, University Staff or 0-dollar appointments, contact the Department Administrator, Liz Funk Smith.
  • Common HR forms and resources

Graduate Student Recruitment

The CEE Department does not hold a coordinated recruitment event for new graduate students.  New faculty should discuss recruitment options with fellow faculty in their program area. For information on funding opportunities and rules associated with admission, faculty should contact the department’s Associate Chair for Graduate Programs, Gustavo Parra Montesinos.  For more information on this role and its responsibilities, please review the CEE OC Structure Change policy that’s located on the CEE Intranet.

GWIS is a tool from the Graduate School that allows electronic communication between departments and the Graduate School Office of Admissions. GWIS is a copy of Graduate School applicant data found in ISIS. This is the system you will use to track and update an applicant’s progress in the admission process.

RA Policy

The CEE Department follows guidelines created by the College of Engineering for determining stipend levels for Research Assistants. To review this rate structure please look on the policies page on the CEE Intranet.

TA Policy

TA’s are awarded based on criteria outlined in the CEE TA Policy (located on the policy page on the CEE Intranet).  Each semester, faculty who are eligible for TA’s or Graders are contacted by the Department Administrator to process the appointments.

Leave Reporting

Leave reports should be returned to the department’s Payroll Coordinator, Jennifer Frisch.


The UW is tax exempt.  All purchases should not include tax.

All purchases should be made in compliance with the university guidelines.  If you have questions, please contact Jamie Zander, the CEE Financial Specialist, BEFORE you purchase.

All purchases should be shipped to a UW address.

Purchases under $5,000 can be made by faculty and staff within the department, using the following:

  • Shop@UW is the university’s e-commerce site that allows faculty and employees to easily compare prices, purchase tax-free, and return items available from contracted vendors, including Grainger, Staples, VWR and much more. Purchases on the site require an account (MDS Number).  Please contact Jamie Zander for details.
  • DoIT is the university’s technology vendor.  There are several shops on campus and an online web store.  Purchases on the site require an account (DoIT Number). Please contact Jamie Zander for details.
  • SWAP is the university’s surplus property seller.  This is a good place to find used but good office furniture, computer equipment, and items for your lab.  Purchase on the site requires an MDS number.  Please contact Jamie Zander for details.


If items are not available from any of the above resources, purchases under $5,000 can be made with the CEE department credit card.  Contact Jamie Zander for details.

Purchases over $5,000 are made and authorized only by UW purchasing agents and require a purchase requisition.  Contact Sarah Baldridge to get started.
**Please note this process can take multiple weeks to complete the payment, so plan accordingly.

UPS Shipping 

The CEE department has a UPS shipping account that provides a great discount for shipping domestic and internationally.  Please contact Jamie Zander if you need something shipped out of the department.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Ship To and From address (Be sure to include names of people, phone numbers, and proper addresses)
  • Weight of shipment
  • What shipping speed you would like to use?
  • Funding information
  • Is any packaging needed?
  • Description of what is being shipped

Key Requests and Building Access

The department office issues keys for Engineering Hall.  Please contact Katie Bourassa for instructions and paperwork.  For access to the Water Science and Engineering Lab, please contact James Lazarcik.

All CoE Faculty and Staff should have building access automatically on their Wiscard. If you are having trouble getting into any of the buildings located on the Engineering Campus, please contact Katie Bourassa.

Conference Rooms

CEE has two conference rooms in Engineering Hall, room 2227 and room 2342.  There are other rooms in EH that are also reservable. Reservations for CEE and other conference rooms are made through the EMS system. If you have questions regarding booking a conference room, please contact Katie Bourassa in the CEE Main Office.


Curricular Services controls all classrooms. They can be scheduled after classroom assignments are made each semester.  Classroom reservation requests can be made using this form.

Phone Lines

Phone lines are paid for and managed through DoIT. If you need a line changed or set up please come to the CEE Department Office. PIs are responsible for purchasing their own phones.

Maintenance and Service Calls

Maintenance and service calls requests should be sent to the Academic Department Manager.

Travel & Reimbursement

The university has important regulations that must be followed in order to purchase or be reimbursed for travel. It is the traveler’s responsibility to understand and comply with UW travel and reimbursement policies and procedures.  If you have specific questions about policies or procedures contact Jamie Zander.

  • Travelers must be an authorized driver to claim mileage, rent a car, or drive a university fleet car. Contact Katie Bourassa to get authorized. See the Risk Management website for information.
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s airfare must be booked through Fox/Concur
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s lodging must be booked through Fox/Concur, through the hotel or conference site directly. Third party sites like Expedia and Travelocity as well as Air BnB are not allowed.
  • The University follows the federal meal and lodging per diems. A lodging and meal allowance calculator is available for travelers to determine per diems by location.  This may be used before travel to plan or after travel for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement – ***Please note, there is a 90 Day submission deadline for all reimbursement reports. The 90 Day mark starts from the last date of travel on the expense report.  Any reports received after the 90 days, will be denied.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.***
    • Travel and expense reimbursement is submitted by employees through the UW Reimbursement system.
    • After reimbursements are completed online, all required receipts MUST be turned in to the department office, 2205 E Hall to Jamie Zander or attached directly to the GET report before submitting. Reimbursement packets must include a signed cover sheet. If traveler is a student, the PI for the funding to be charged must sign the cover sheet for final approval, before the department approves, to verify the amount charged and the funding.  For faculty, staff and students in the Water Science & Engineering Lab, all packets should be given to Sue Pustina in room 150 WSEL for processing.
    • Hosting meals for others requires an itemized receipt, attendee list and business purpose. There are additional forms required for paying for or reimbursing hosted meal expenses.  See the UW policy and/or contact Jamie Zander BEFORE you host a meal to learn about reimbursement requests.

Research Administration

  • All proposals, contracts, and agreements need to be routed through appropriate university channels to ensure compliance with Federal, State and UW regulations. The internal system to route proposals, contracts, and agreements within the UW is called WISPER (WISconsin Proposal Electronic Routing System).
  • Work with the CEE Research and Grants Administrator, Erin Goeldner on proposal submissions for assistance with proposal documents, submission process and assistance with electronic routing.
  • Log into WISPER using your NetID and password.
  • UW Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) has final signature authority on all extramural support. Contact the CEE Research and Grants Administrator for details.
  • Prior to project submission, your OAR (Outside Activities Report) and your COI (Conflict of Interest) training should be done. This can be done at the following website OAR and COI.
  • All proposals should be finalized and submitted to the Dean’s office 7 days prior to the sponsor deadline. This allows time to review the full proposal for errors and make any corrections or adjustments that might be needed.

Other grant submission tools and resources are:

  1. CAYUSE: Web-based system used for electronic submissions to federal agencies that provide adobe forms for the submission process (e.g. NIH, DOD, CDC, USDA, etc.)
  2. Fastlane: Web-based system used for electronic NSF submissions.
  3. Vice Chancellor for Research

Other useful resources include:

For additional questions regarding Research Administration, please contact Erin Goeldner.

Instructional Resources

  • Undergraduate Student Service: The Undergraduate Student Services Center provides advising and other services for CEE and GLE undergraduate students.  It is located at 1147 Engineering Hall.  Academic advisors can help students, faculty, and staff with questions about accessing courses, navigating degree requirements, resolving academic issues, warrants and more.
  • Graduate Student Advising: The Graduate Student Services Center supplements faculty advisors and Engineering Career Services. It is located in the Mechanical Engineering building, room 3182.
  • Course Evaluations are done online using a web-based tool called AEFIS. Survey announcements are sent to faculty and staff via email for the final course and instructor evaluations.  All courses use a common survey for end-of-semester evaluations.  If you have questions, contact Liz Funk Smith, the Department Administrator.

Canvas is a web-based learning platform for course collaboration, feedback and grading. Faculty and TAs should have access to the system.

IT Resources

  • CEE receives IT support from department staff and from the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) college office.  Please email for IT support or contact Liz Funk Smith the Department Administrator.
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) takes care of all the instructor podium computers in the classrooms in College of Engineering buildings. A CAE login is required to access these machines, this is NOT the same as your DoIT NetID. Create a CAE login on My CAE Account website. If you experience problems with CAE computers, contact the CAE help desk at (608) 262-5349 or All classrooms will have a laptop connection that will allow a laptop to be projected.
  • AV in classrooms and conference rooms is managed through Engineering Media Services. This includes videotaping, videoconferencing and equipment rentals.
  • CAE offers resources for downloading engineering software, website hosting, remote desktop services. See the Getting Started website for details.

 Printing and Copiers

The department has a copier and fax machine located in 2207 Engineering Hall for small print jobs.  For login information or to inquire about options for larger jobs, please see staff at the front desk in 2205 Engineering Hall.


Parking is managed by Transportation Services.  To request a parking permit please click here.

Business cards

Please contact  Katie Bourassa to get your business cards ordered. Please send the following information: Name, Title, Address, Phone, Email, and any additional information you may want to be included such as website, etc.