Electrical and Computer Engineering


ECE has two conference rooms in Engineering Hall, Room 4610 and Room 2421. There are other rooms in EH that are also able to be reserved. Reservations are made through the EMS System. Please login with your NetId and password > Select ‘Reservations’ >  Select ‘Request Engr Meeting Space’ > Complete all necessary information (date, time, room, faculty member associated with the request).  A confirmation email will be sent to you upon request approval.  If you have questions regarding booking a conference room, please contact our Department Office Manager.


Curricular Services controls all classrooms. They can be scheduled after classroom assignments are made each semester. Reservations can be made here. Faculty may also call 262-2473 for assistance (Undergraduate Student Services Office).


Students: Faculty can send key and key card request via email to our Department Office Manager.  Once faculty has submitted request, students can visit the ECE main office, EH 2416 to complete form and pick up keys.

Faculty: Faculty may visit EH 2415 to pick up keys.

Building Access: All faculty, staff and students associated with Engineering will automatically be granted building access via your Wisc Card.  If you have issues with your access, please contact the Department Office Manager.  Students must be actively enrolled in current semester’s engineering courses to be granted building access.  Building access activation may take up to 48 hours after course enrollment.

Key card Access: Several rooms in EH are accessed via your Wisc Card.  Faculty can send key card request via email to the Department Office Manager.   Once request has been submitted, students may visit the Main Office, EH 2415, to complete form.


Professors will be notified once an office is assigned. This usually occurs approximately one month prior to the professor’s arrival.  Offices will have one phone line, which is paid for by the department.  The Professor will also be notified once a lab has been assigned.  This will occur either just prior to their arrival or shortly after.  In most cases, land lines are not installed in the labs as students use their cell phones.  If requested, the department would pay for one phone line to be installed in the lab.


Protocols, service and training are available through UW Environment, Health & Safety. All PIs are responsible for updating lab safety signs outside their labs each year.

Any student, faculty, or staff wishing to have access to the chemical room must first complete the chemical safety training that is offered by the UW Safety Department. If you have any questions regarding safety you can contact Jesse Decker, College of Engineering Director for Safety.


The department keeps a supply closet (EH 2415) of often used supplies such as white board markers, paper, etc.  Supply closet will remain unlocked during business hours.  If you are unable to find what you need, please see the Department Office Manager.


All requests should be sent to the Department Office Manager.  Please describe your maintenance issue and room number.  In the event of an emergency please call Facilities Planning & Management at 263.3333.

Accessing your CAE account:


Parking is managed by Transportation Services.  To request a parking pass please click here.


Please contact the Department Office Manager to get your business cards ordered. Please send the following information: Name, Title, Address, Phone, Email, Office Number, and any additional information you may want to be included such as website, etc.


To create a new faculty profile, please contact the Department Communications Specialist.  Please be prepared to provide her with your NetID.


The College of Engineering has an external relations team who will work with you on exciting stories regarding your research, grants you may receive or anything else pertaining to your time here. You will meet with them to get a profile written to be used in your announcement as a new faculty member to CoE and ECE.  If you have exciting news to share, please send details to Allyson Crowley and Jason Daley.


If you notice changes to the website, please send them to the Department Communications Specialist.  If you’d like to set up a website for your lab and/or research group, please contact Tony Tallmadge with CAE.


Please follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. If you’re active on social media, please follow us and tag us in your posts!


The ECE department hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Prior to each school year, you’ll receive a calendar of events for the year.  Please add them to your calendar and make every effort to attend.  You’ll receive emailed invitations closer to each event.  Please make sure to RSVP.  Most of these events included graduate students and/or undergraduate students.  It’s a great time to talk to them outside of the classroom or research setting.



Background checks are required for most of our positions including graduate assistant offers. An appointment will not be entered into the payroll system until the background check has been completed. The CBC’s (Criminal Background Checks) are initiated by the Dean’s office through HireRight. The CBC begins with the future employee giving electronic consent to HireRight to begin the background check. The payroll coordinator is notified with the CBC has been completed and enters the appointment into the payroll/HR system.


The I-9 must legally be completed within 3 days of an employee’s start date. This is mandated by the Federal Government-Immigration Services. If the I-9 is not completed within 3 days of the hire, the position must be terminated. In layman’s terms, the I-9 is a verification that the employee is who he says he is and that the employee is eligible to work in the USA. I-9’s are initiated by the payroll coordinator through HireRight.


The following forms can be filled out online and submitted via self service in MyUW Online:

    1. W4 and Self-identification
    2. Direct Deposit


Confirm that you have a benefits eligible appointment with the payroll and benefits coordinator.  If you are eligible we recommend that you attend a Benefits 101 Workshop through the campus benefits office.

For information on benefits, WRS, payroll Forms, and general employee information can be found on the UW Human Resources website.


Enrollment in UW-Madison benefit programs is online through eBenefits. It is important that you know what programs you want to enroll in and extremely important to have all of your personal information correct in the system prior to making your selections in the eBenefits system.


You can find the latest pay schedule here.


Leave reporting is completed online through MyUW.


Parking Permits: You need to be registered in order to apply for a parking permit. Contact the COE unit transportation coordinator. Once you are registered in the system, then go to the parking permit website and apply for the permit.

Bus Passes are available on the Transportation Services website.



Contact Shelby Butteris or Amy Terpening before hiring anyone to ensure University policies and Federal and State law are followed.

Amy will assist with all appointments, including student hourlys, graduate assistants (RA, PA, and TA), research assistants (post-doctoral fellows), honorary appointments (zero dollar), academic staff, university staff, and faculty appointments.

Appointments cannot be backdated. We are required to do criminal background checks and I-9 verification BEFORE anyone can be hired.  All students must be enrolled in the UW before their start date.


Every year in late February or early March, the department hosts Visit Wisconsin ECE to recruit graduate students. Faculty should work with the ECE Graf Committee to invite potential graduate students to participate. The Visit Wisconsin ECE is coordinated by the Department Office Manager/Events Coordinator.

Applicant Review is a tool from the Graduate School that allows electronic communication between departments and the Graduate School Office of Admissions. Applicant Review is a copy of Graduate School applicant data found in the Student Information System (SIS). This is the system you will use to track and update an applicant’s progress in the admission process.  Access to Applicant Review is granted by the Graduate Student Service Coordinator.


The minimum appointment for a RA is 50%, unless the student will hold a concurrent appointment. The department guidelines for the stipend rate structure are established annually by the Graduate School and College of Engineering. ECE follows a tiered rate structure with level 1 meeting the minimum stipend established by the Graduate School which is also used for PA appointments and standard TA appointments. Levels 2 and 3 are reserved for competitive offers comparable to the campus fellowship rate and peer institutions. The highest level in the rate structure for RAs will be comparable to the NSF fellowship. ECE does not require an automatic salary increase to Level 3 when a student achieves dissertator status.  When offered, it should be consistently offered to all students who achieve dissertator status in the research group. To review these rates, please contact Amy Terpening.


There are limited openings for TAs each semester.  Students interests in positions may contact John Gubner, Associate Chair for Operations.


All purchases should be made in compliance with the university guidelines.  If you need to make a purchase, please submit a Purchasing Request.

Purchases under $5,000 can be made by faculty and staff within the department, using the following:

    • ShopUW+ is the university’s e-commerce site that allows faculty and employees to easily compare prices, purchase tax-free, and return items available from contracted vendors, including Grainger, Staples, VWR and much more. Purchases on the site require an account (MDS Number).  If you would like assistance ordering from ShopUW+, please complete a purchasing request.
    • David Hanke is the department IT Specialist.  Consult with him on your purchases and have him help you configure your computer.  He can place orders for you and you can ask the department to place individual orders.  He can also assist with data backup.
    • Engineering software may be available to download through Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).


The UW is tax exempt.  All purchases should not include tax. To view and/or print the tax exempt form click here.

If items are not available from any of the above resources, purchases under $5,000 can be made with the ECE department credit card.  To place an order, please submit a Purchasing Request.

Purchases over $5,000 are made and authorized only by UW purchasing agents and require a purchase requisition.  Please complete the Purchasing Request. Contact Daniel Gaona with any questions.  Please note this process can take multiple weeks to complete the payment, so plan accordingly.


The ECE department has a UPS shipping account that provides a great discount for shipping domestic and internationally.  Please contact Kathy Hall if you need something shipped out of the department.  You will need to provide the following information:

    • Ship To and From address (Be sure to include names of people, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses)
    • Weight of shipment
    • What shipping speed you would like to use?
    • Funding information
    • Is any packaging needed?
    • Description of what is being shipped
    • Value of the item(s) being shipped

The university has important regulations that must be followed in order to purchase or be reimbursed for travel. It is the traveler’s responsibility to understand and comply with UW travel and reimbursement policies and procedures.  If you have specific questions about policies or procedures contact the ECE Finance Office or Kathy Hall.

    • Travelers must be an authorized driver to claim mileage, rent a car, or drive a university fleet car.  The process of becoming an authorized driver can be found here.
    • All UW employee’s and visitor’s airfare must be booked through Travel, Inc and Concur.
    • All lodging must be reserved through the Concur online system, directly with an Agent at Travel, Inc., by booking directly with the lodging facility, or by booking through AirBnB. Use of other third-party booking sites (e.g. VRBO, Hotels.com, Travelocity) is prohibited.
    • The University follows the federal meal and lodging per diems. A lodging and meal allowance calculator is available for travelers to determine per diems by location.  This may be used before travel to plan or after travel for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement – ***Please note, there is a 90 Day submission deadline for all reimbursement reports. The 90 Day mark starts from the last date of travel on the expense report.  A one time exception may be granted if over the 90 days and you will be charged a 30% tax.***
    • Travel and expense reimbursement is submitted by employees through the UW Reimbursement system.
    • All receipts should be uploaded into the Expense Reimbursement system.
    • If traveler is a student, the PI for the funding to be charged will be sent a copy of the reimbursement report for final approval, before the department approves, to verify the amount charged and the funding.
    • Hosting meals for others requires an itemized receipt, attendee list and business purpose. There are additional forms required for paying for or reimbursing hosted meal expenses.  See the UW policy and/or contact the ECE Finance Office BEFORE you host a meal to learn about reimbursement requests.

As a PI you have primary responsibility of award management.  This includes:

    • Agreeing to all terms and conditions for all projects.
    • Assure appropriateness and allowability of invoices and expenditures.
    • Manage expenditures to not exceed available balance.
    • Review and sign effort reports.
    • Prepare technical reports and provide deliverables as required.
    • Review Interim Financial reports.

The UW tool used to monitor spending and balances on your funded projects and accounts is called WISER (University of Wisconsin System Enterprise Reporting).

    • Log into WISER, using your NetID and password.
    • Under the Main Menu in the Projects there is the “Find Awards/Projects” search feature.
    • It is generally best to search by the “PI/Co-Inv Name” field. This will give you a complete list of all accounts you are named as PI or Co-PI on.  Once you start typing your name a drop-down list of names will appear and you can then select the correct name.
    • You can also search for a specific award using the Award ID, Project ID or the Quick Search at the top.
    • The first three numbers are the fund numbers, this will indicate where the funding comes from; 144 (Federal research), 133 (other sponsored research), 135 (Graduate School) and 233 (discretionary/donation). These are the most common.
    • The UW fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.
    • Additional training on how to use WISER can be found at the SFS Reporting site  or at the RSP WISER User Reference site.
    • For all staff and students ensure completion of the on-line Compliance Agreement to ensure compliance of the Bayh-Dole Act.

More specific details regarding award management, award closeout and links to electronic tools can be found on the Research and Sponsored Programs website.

For additional questions regarding Grant Management, please contact Renee Starks or Jean Touchett.

    • All proposals, contracts, and agreements need to be routed through appropriate university channels to ensure compliance with Federal, State and UW regulations. The internal system to route proposals, contracts, and agreements within the UW is called WISPER (WISconsin Proposal Electronic Routing System).
    • Work with your ECE Research Administrator on proposal submissions for assistance with proposal documents, submission process and assistance with electronic routing.
    • Log into WISPER using your NetID and password.
    • UW Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) has final signature authority on all extramural support. Contact the ECE Research Administrator for details.
    • Prior to project submission, your OAR (Outside Activities Report) and your COI (Conflict of Interest) training should be done. This can be done at the following website OAR and COI.
    • The guidelines for ECE proposal submission requires that all proposal documents except the technical report are due to your ECE research administrator by 8:00 AM three full business days prior to sponsor deadline.
    • All proposals should be finalized and submitted to the Dean’s Office by 8:00 AM two days prior to the sponsor deadline. This allows time to review the full proposal for errors and make any corrections or adjustments that might be needed.  The full COE policy is available for your review.

Other grant submission tools and resources are:

    1. CAYUSE: Web-based system used for electronic grants.gov submissions to federal agencies that provide adobe forms for the submission process (e.g. NIH, DOD, CDC, USDA, etc.).
    2. Research.gov and Fastlane: Web-based system used for electronic NSF submissions.
    3. Current and Pending UW-Madison support tool.

Other useful resources include:

For additional questions regarding Research Administration, please contact Renee Starks or Jean Touchett.


The Undergraduate Student Services provides advising and other services for ECE undergraduate students. It is located in Room 170 of the 1410 Engineering Drive Building. Academic advisors can help students, faculty, and staff with questions about accessing courses, navigating degree requirements, resolving academic issues and more.


The Graduate Student Services Center in Room 3180 Mechanical Engineering provides ECE graduate program support for students, faculty, and staff.  Graduate Coordinators can assist with questions about program requirements such as admissions, enrollment, warrants, graduation and more. Additionally, Graduate Coordinators can help with questions about Graduate School policies and UW Campus resources, such as Engineering Career Services or International Student Services.


Course Evaluations are done online using a web-based tool called AEFIS. Survey announcements are sent to faculty and staff via email for the final course and instructor evaluations.  All courses use a common survey for end-of-semester evaluations.  If you have questions, contact Katrina Olson, the Department Administrator.  For instructions on how to access AEFIS you can go here.


Canvas is a web-based learning platform for course collaboration, feedback and grading. Faculty and TAs should have access to the system.


Admissions questions should be directed to student services.

Applications for undergraduate admissions is managed by the UW Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Applications for graduate admissions is managed through the UW Graduate School. The admissions recommendation is made by the ECE GRAF committee.  The UW Graduate School will make the final decision and notify students. Prospective students with questions about the admissions process can reach out to ecegradadmission@engr.wisc.edu, which is managed by ECE Graduate Student Services.

  • Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Graduate Fellowships
  • Student Organizations – KHK, IEEE, SWE, KHN, GSA
  • Career Services
  • Creating and Independent Study Course: questions can be directed to student services or:
    1. Undergraduate Independent Study Courses:ECE 399 – Undergraduate Independent StudyECE 489 – Undergraduate Honors in ResearchECE 491 – Undergraduate Senior Design ProjectECE 699 – Advanced Independent StudyWhen ECE undergraduates would like to do research/independent study with a new ECE faculty member, the ECE faculty member can contact the ECE Enrollment manager (ece-enrollment@engr.wisc.edu). The ECE enrollment manager will then assign a section number for the new faculty member for ECE 399, 489, 491, and/or 699 depending on the request and instructor’s ECE-affiliated appointment. Students can then fill out the following form to start the process for requesting permission to enroll in the instructors section:  https://uwmadison.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8ug4CHMPNDO8FCJ.

Graduate Research Courses and Independent Studies:

Research courses (ECE790, ECE890, and ECE990) are structured research projects that may lead to new knowledge, technology, or invention. The expected outcomes are a Master Thesis, Master Project report, or PhD dissertation. Independent study courses (ECE699, ECE999) provide students opportunities to learn course materials that are not available as a regularly scheduled courses or new topic area to facilitate research activities. The distinction between different course levels are:


ECE 790: Master’s Research or Thesis
  • for M.S. Research option students
  • for Ph.D. students getting an M.S. along the way to a Ph.D
ECE 890: Pre-Dissertator’s Research
  • only for Ph.D. students who have not yet taken their preliminary examination
  • does not count toward M.S. degree requirements
ECE 990: Research or Thesis
  • only for dissertators, who are Ph.D. students that have already passed their preliminary examination
  • does not count toward M.S. degree requirements
Independent Study Courses:
  • ECE 699 course content generally corresponds to 500 or 600 level coursework
  • ECE 999 course content generally corresponds to 700 and higher level coursework
Research courses and independent study courses are variable-credit courses; students agree upon the number of credits with their research advisor/instructor.
Instructor consent is always required for research courses and independent studies. For research courses, ECE graduate students may enroll after receiving consent from their research advisor, without needing an official permission in the system. All students require administrative permission in the system to enroll in independent study courses. Instructors should email the ECE Graduate Coordinator their confirmation of allowing a student to enroll in their section number. After receiving such an email, the ECE Graduate Coordinator will grant the necessary permission in the system for the student to enroll.
New faculty should contact the ECE Graduate Coordinator in order to get sections added for them. With confirmation of the new faculty member’s appointment, the ECE Graduate Coordinator will build the sections and they will be effective immediately.

Each year the departments hosts Visit ECE Wisconsin for prospective graduate students.  The Grad Student Recruiting, Admissions, and Fellowship (GRAF) committee chooses the students that are invited.  There may be other means to invite a potential student for a campus visit.  Please contact the GRAF Committee Chair Professor Chu Ma for more information.