Engineering Physics

Department Administrator – Dennis Manthey

  • Financial Management and Data (non-sponsored)
  • Business Processes
  • Property Administrator
  • Facilities
  • Staff Support and Development

Assistant Department Administrator – Dina Christenson

  • HR & Payroll Operations
  • Department Budget Management
  • Financial Reporting and Data
  • Faculty Payroll Grids & Buyout Data
  • Visa Resource/Processing
  • Graduate Student Appointments
  • Notary

Financial Specialist – Talvick Hook

  • Chair Admin Support
  • Front Office Services
  • Visitor travel coordinator
  • Reimbursement for hosted meals
  • Bi-weekly payroll management

University Relations Specialist – Tim Jensen

  • Event Coordinator/Marketing
  • Social Media and Web Content
  • Faculty and Scholarship Award Coordinator
  • Donor/Alumni Relations
  • Annual Report Coordinator

Financial Specialist Senior – Kathy Wegner

  • Purchasing
  • Reimbursements
  • Payment Processing
  • Financial Management
  • MDS Account Management
  • Risk Management/Driver Authorizations
  • Phone Lines & Printer Contracts

Research Administrator (Pre-Award Sponsored Projects) – Nancy Griego

  • Proposal Submissions
  • Budget Preparation for Proposals
  • Contracts and Agreement Services
  • Subaward Coordination
  • Financial Management of Federal Sponsored Projects.

Accountant (Post-Award Sponsored Projects) – Jesse Prochaska

  • Federal expenditure controls
  • Effort certification and payroll funding
  • Financial Projected Balances
  • Project Closing Services
  • Sponsor Documentation Requests

Research Administrator (Pre- and Post-Award Sponsored Projects) – Lauren Gee

  • Proposal Construction
  • Proposal Submissions
  • Budget Preparation
  • Subaward Coordination and Management
  • Post-Award Management of Federal Sponsored Projects
  • Project Closing Services
  • Please arrange household relocation plans with Dept Administrator Dennis Manthey.
  • Obtain a UW ID card. Contact Dina Christenson for guidance.
  • Keys for access to building labs or offices are requested through the KeyLime system at URL: Keys requested by staff and students for access to your assigned space through this system will be routed to you for approval. Your Wiscard will allow access to the building after hours.
  • Parking permits and bus passes can be requested from UW Transportation Services.
  • Office supplies in stock were purchased with Dept budget funds. For personal preference supplies wanted, your personal funds will need to pay for them.

Facility Issues

If your office or lab has any physical issues related to safety, maintenance, repairs, etc… please contact Dennis Manthey.

Conference Rooms

Reservations can be made using Engineering Media Services (EMS) using your NetID login for most rooms within COE.  Complete all information before submitting your request.

A confirmation email will be received if/when requests are approved.  Note some rooms may not allow food/drink.


Curricular Services controls classroom reservations—which are scheduled after classroom assignments are made each semester.  Your contact for Engineering Physics classroom reservations will be Catherine Turng from the Undergraduate Student Services office.

Space Assignments and Keys

The Engineering Physics Dept will assign office and lab space. Based on your HR appt, your Wiscard will allow after-hours building access to the Engineering Research Building. Keys for access to building labs or offices are requested through the KeyLime system at URL: Keys requested by staff and students for access to your assigned space through this system will be routed to you for approval.

IT Support & General Information

Faculty Profile

Please go to You’ll need to log in using your NetID and password. Once logged in, you’ll click “Create new profile” at the bottom of the page. You can include your lab website on this profile as well. Please consult Tim Jensen with any questions.

External Relations

The College of Engineering has an external relations team who will work with you on exciting stories regarding your research, grants you may receive or anything else pertaining to your time here. You will meet with them to get a profile written to be used to introduce you as a new faculty member to CoE and EP. If you have exciting news to share, please send details to Tim Jensen.

Department Website

If you notice changes to the department’s website, send them to the Tim Jensen.

Social Media

Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re active on social media, please follow us and tag us in your posts!

Department Events

The EP Department hosts multiple events and functions throughout the year. During the academic year, there are many internal announcements for seminars and colloquiums that are communicated by office staff. In addition, the Dept coordinates student-focused events—such as annual Grad Student Orientation, Graduation Receptions and a Scholarship Awards Reception. Larger events include the Graduate Recruiting “Visit Wisconsin Weekend,” an annual visit from our Industrial Liaison Committee and also the College’s Engineers’ Day event in the fall.

Other events that are to be hosted by faculty in conjunction with a discipline or sponsor may be outsourced to UW Extension Conference Services if the number of expected participants is deemed to be too large. All events are posted on the EP and COE websites. Consult with Tim Jensen for event-related issues.

State/UW Environment

The UW-Madison is partially funded as a higher education institution with public dollars. Our environment is regulated, administered and monitored by the State of Wisconsin, UW-System, UW-Madison and federal sponsors of awards.  Department Administrator Dennis Manthey will provide more details on these important relationships and how they affect day-t0-day operations.

Department Administrative Staff

The Engineering Physics Department has an experienced and networked staff, all dedicated to facilitating what they can.  Dept Administrator Dennis Manthey will use the staff organization chart to identify roles with business and admin services.  The goal of staff is to facilitate business services needed by EP faculty–while at the same time ensuring compliance and best practices with multiple regulations, requirements, and process standards.  Staff will communicate expectations to new faculty related to current business practices, with a target of obtaining “good information in”from faculty, that will equal “good information out” for reaching desired outcomes while maintaining time/cost efficiency.  Most staff will rely on incoming email to effectively manage their time, and your own time—with the side benefit of emails creating source documentation.

Funding Sources & Restrictions

Department Administrator Dennis Manthey will explain the types of funding sources faculty usually have and what limitations may exist with how funds are expended. Jesse Prochaska, accountant for federal projects awarded, will provide details related to federal expenditures.

Use of Startup Funds

Department Administrator Dennis Manthey will explain how startup funds can be utilized and can share the account numbers.

Pre-Award Roles & Responsibilities

The first point of contact for questions regarding submitting proposals for funding is Nancy Griego, Department of Engineering Physics Research Administrator, located in the Engineering Research Building, Room 107.

The Department Research Administrator will assist in the preparation of the proposal documents and completion of the electronic application forms. The Research Administrator should be notified as soon as a funding opportunity has been identified. The College of Engineering Research Administration Office requires seven days to review proposals before they are submitted to the Sponsor. This includes the time for final review by the UW Research and Sponsored Programs Office. RSP has final signature authority on all extramural support.

Additional Information Sources and Training Requirements Before Proposal Submission:

Outside Activities Report (OAR)

Conflict of Interest (COI) training

Export Control (COI)

Some of the Electronic Systems Used to Either Submit Proposals or Manage Awards:

WISPER – WISconsin Proposal Electronic Routing System is a web-based system for routing proposals and agreements

Cayuse424 – Web-based system for proposal submissions via and for submissions to NIH, DOD, CDC, and USDA

PAMS – Portfolio Analysis and Management System used to manage proposals, grants and reporting for Department of Energy. Principal Investigators must register in PAMS in order to receive funding from DOE

NSF FastLane/ – Electronic system used to submit proposals and manage awards for the National Science Foundation (NSF)

eRA Commons – Electronic system used to manage proposals, grants and reporting for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Post-Award Sponsored Project Award Management

Contact Jesse Prochaska

All new employees should connect with Dina Christenson (145 ERB), prior to the start of their employment as there are deadlines which must be met on work authorizations and benefit applications.

Background Checks – complete prior to start date

Background checks are required for most of our positions including graduate assistant offers. An appointment will not be entered into the payroll system until the background check has been completed. The CBC’s (Criminal Background Checks) are initiated by the Dean’s office through GIS-General Information Systems. The CBC begins with the future employee giving electronic consent to GIS to begin the background check. The payroll coordinator is notified with the CBC has been completed and enters the appointment into the payroll/HR system.

I-9 (Employment Verification) – complete within 3 days of hire

The I-9 must legally be completed within 3 days of an employee’s start date. This is mandated by the Federal Government-Immigration Services. If the I-9 is not completed within 3 days of the hire, the position must be terminated. In layman’s terms, the I-9 is a verification that the employee is who he says he is and that the employee is eligible to work in the USA. I-9’s are initiated by the payroll coordinator through GIS (General Information Systems).

Required Payroll Paperwork

The following forms can be filled out online; printed, signed and turned into the payroll coordinator:

  1. W4 form and self-identification forms:
  2. Direct Deposit Form:
  3. Emergency Contact Form:

Benefits – 30-day deadline to enroll based on start date of appointment

Confirm that you have a benefits eligible appointment with the payroll and benefits coordinator.  If you are eligible you must attend a Benefits 101 workshop through the campus benefits office.

To sign up for Benefits 101 workshop:

General employee information (Benefits, WRS, Payroll Forms, etc.) can be found at: info/


Enrollment in UW-Madison benefit programs is online through eBenefits. It is important that you know what programs you want to enroll in and extremely important to have all of your personal information correct in the system prior to making your selections in the eBenefits system.


  • Academic Staff (ex: researchers, scientists): recruitment, hiring, appointment letters, promotions, etc. – contact the Assistant Department Administrator, Dina Christenson (145 ERB).
  • Post-Docs, Graduate Assistants (RA,PA,TA), Fellowships, Grader/Readers, Student Hourlies – contact Dina Christenson (145 ERB).
  • Honorary Appointments (Zero Dollar) – contact Dina Christenson (145 ERB).
  • Foreign Nationals, J-1 and H-1B visas, are handled by Dina Christenson (145 ERB). Student visas (F-1) are handled by the International Student Services office.


The UW is tax exempt.  All purchases should not include tax.

All purchases should be made in compliance with the university guidelines. If you have questions, please contact Kathy Wegner, the EP Financial Specialist, BEFORE you purchase.

All purchases should be shipped to a UW address.

Purchases under $5,000 can be made by faculty and staff within the department, using the following:

  • Shop@UW is the university’s e-commerce site that allows faculty and employees to easily compare prices, purchase tax-free, and return items available from contracted vendors, including Grainger, Staples, VWR and much more. Purchases on the site require an account (MDS Number). Please contact Kathy Wegner for details. Note: Each vendor has a contact person for discounted quotes and for finding items not available from the vendor through Shop@UW.
  • DoIT is the university’s technology vendor. There are several shops on campus and an online web store.  Purchases on the site require an account (DoIT Number). Please contact Kathy Wegner for details.
  • SWAP is the university’s surplus property seller.  This is a good place to find used but good office furniture, computer equipment, and items for your lab.  Purchase on the site requires an MDS number.  Please contact Kathy Wegner for details.


If items are not available from any of the above resources, purchases under $5,000 can be made with our EP department credit cards. Contact Kathy Wegner for details.

Purchases over $5,000 are made and authorized only by UW purchasing agents and require a purchase requisition. Contact Kathy Wegner to get started.
**Please note this process can take multiple weeks to complete the payment, so plan accordingly.

UPS Shipping 

The EP Department has a UPS shipping account that provides a great discount for shipping domestic and internationally.  Please contact Mitch Lange, at the ERB dock, if you need something shipped out of the department.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Ship To and From address (Be sure to include names of people, phone numbers, and proper addresses)
  • Weight of shipment
  • What shipping speed you would like to use?
  • Funding information
  • Is any packaging needed?

Description of what is being shipped

The university has important regulations that must be followed in order to purchase and to be reimbursed for travel expenses. It is the traveler’s responsibility to understand and comply with UW travel and reimbursement policies and procedures.  If you have specific questions about policies or procedures, please contact Kathy Wegner preferably BEFORE you travel.

  • Travelers must be an authorized driver to claim mileagerent a car, or drive a university fleet car. See the Risk Management website for information. To get authorized, submit your driver’s license information to the Department of Administration/Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS).
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s airfare must be booked through Fox/Concur. You may also call the Fox World Travel agents directly at 866-230-8787, Monday through Friday from 7am – 7:30pm Central Standard Time. Note: you can create a profile within Concur which will make your airfare reservations easier whether you make your airfare reservation online via Concur, or call the Fox World Travel agents.
  • All UW employee’s and visitor’s lodging must be booked through Fox/Concur; or by directly calling the hotel or by using the conference website. Third party sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Airbnb, etc. are not allowed.
  • The University follows the federal meal and lodging per diems. A lodging and meal allowance calculator is available for travelers to determine per diems by location as well as to calculate the maximum lodging base rate allowed for your travel location. This may be used before travel to plan or after travel for reimbursement.
  • Reimbursement – There is a 90-day submission deadline for all reimbursement reports. The 90-day mark starts from the last date of travel on the expense report. Any reports received after the 90-days will be denied.
    • Travel and expense reimbursement is submitted by employees through the UW Reimbursement system.
    • Before you submit your reimbursements report online, upload all the required receipts and attach them to your electronic report.

Hosting meals for others requires an itemized receipt showing what meal items were ordered; the grand total receipt showing meal total/tip; attendee name and affiliation list; and business purpose. See the UW policy and/or contact Kathy Wegner BEFORE you host a meal to learn about reimbursement requests.