Mechanical Engineering

Current list of department staff (contact details, main duties)

Look up specific people in the faculty and instructional staff directory.


The department office issues keys. If you need to request a room key you can do so on KeyLime. After you receive an email confirmation, keys can be picked up in 2107 ME.

All CoE Faculty and Staff should have building access automatically on their Wiscard. If you are having trouble getting into the Mechanical Engineering building, please stop by the front desk in 2107 ME.


Conference Room: you can request a conference room online here. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be approved.

Classrooms used for instructional purposes: you can request a classroom online here ( Please allow 48 hours for your request to be approved.

Classrooms used for non-instructional purposes are controlled by Campus Event Services and can be scheduled after classroom assignments are made each semester.


Phone lines are paid for and managed through DoIT. If you need a line changed or set up please come to the ME Department Office. PIs are responsible for purchasing their own phones.


Maintenance and service calls requests should be sent to the Assistant Academic Department Manager.


All students must be set up on Payroll BEFORE they start working. Contact the ME Payroll and Benefits Specialist before you hire a student.

  • Appointments cannot be backdated. We are required to do criminal background checks and I-9 verification BEFORE anyone can be hired. If you are planning on hiring someone, contact the department first.
  • All students must be enrolled in the UW before their start date.
  • Appointment %, start and end dates can affect benefits. Consult with the ME Payroll and Benefits Specialist in advance.
  • For RA, Student Hourly and $0 dollar appointments contact the ME Payroll and Benefits Specialist.
  • For TA, Academic or University Staff appointments, contact the Department Administrator.
  • Common HR forms and resources


Every year in early March, the department hosts “Visit Wisconsin Weekend” to recruit graduate students. Faculty should work with the ME Graduate Committee to invite potential graduate students and participate in the weekend.

Applicant Review is a tool from the Graduate School that allows electronic communication between departments and the Graduate School Office of Admissions.  Contact the ME Graduate Student Services Coordinator in room 3182 Mechanical Engineering Building to be granted access.


The department has two RA base salary rates, Dissertator and Non-Dissertator.  These rates change annually each academic year and are calculated based on the standard TA rate set by the UW.  Contact the ME Payroll and Benefits Specialist for the current rates.


There are limited openings for TAs each semester.  Students can apply for positions using the online application available on the ME website here.


Leave reports should be dropped off in the ME department office.

Unclassified Leave Report

Medical Certification Form

Useful Links:


The Undergraduate Student Services Center provides advising and other services for ME undergraduate students. It is located at 1410 Engineering Drive. Academic advisors can help students, faculty and staff with questions about accessing courses, navigating degree requirements, resolving academic issues, and more.


The Graduate Student Services Center supplements faculty advisors and Engineering Career Services. It is located in the Mechanical Engineering building, room 3182.


Course Evaluations are done online using a web-based tool called AEFIS. Survey announcements are sent to faculty, staff and students via email for mid-term (for select courses) and final course and instructor evaluations. All courses use a common survey for end-of-semester evaluations. If you have questions, contact the Assistant Department Administrator. For instructions on how to access AFEIS, see Learn@UW KB.


Learn@UW holds many of the tools you will need as an instructor including:


Undergraduate Scholarships 

Graduate Fellowships

Student Organizations 

Career Services 


  • All purchases must be shipped to a UW address.
  • All purchases should be made in compliance with university guidelines. If you have questions, please contact the ME Financial Specialist BEFORE you purchase.
  • The UW is tax exempt. All purchases should not included tax.
  • PURCHASES UNDER $5,000 can be made by faculty and staff within the department.
    1. Shop@UW is the university’s e-commerce site that allows faculty and employees to easily compare prices, purchase tax-free, and return items available from contracted vendors, including Grainger, Staples and VWR and many more. Purchases on the site require an account. Contact the ME Financial Specialist for details.
      • Each Vendor has a contact person for discounted quotes and to find items not available from the vendor through Shop@UW.
        • Add: All External Vendor, MDS and DoIT purchases can be submitted through the online form.
    2. Contact the ME Financial Specialist for details.
      • Josh Jankowski is the department IT Specialist. Consult with him on your purchases and have him help you configure your computer. He can place orders for  you or you can ask the department to place individual orders. He can also assist with data backup.
      • Engineering software may be available to download through Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).
    3. SWAP is the university’s surplus property reseller. This is a good place to find used but good office furniture, computer equipment and items for your lab. Purchases on the site require an account. Contact the ME Financial Specialist for details.
    4. If items are not available from any of the above resources, purchases under $5,000 can be made with the ME department credit card. Contact the ME Financial Specialist for details.
    5. Business cards may be ordered through DoIt. Log in using your NetID and password. Down on the left are COE business card templates, you can use. You can order there yourself with an account number, or contact the ME Communication Specialist to order.
    6. Transportation
    7. Hosting meals for others requires an itemized receipt and business purpose. There are additional forms required for paying for or reimbursing hosted meal expenses. See the UW policy and/or contact the ME Financial specialist BEFORE you host a meal.
  • PURCHASES OVER $5,000 are made and authorized only by UW purchasing agents and require a purchase requisition. UW Purchasing information is here. Contact the ME Financial Specialist to get started.


  • All proposals, contracts, and agreements (including amendments and extensions) need to be routed through appropriate university channels (must start with ME’s Research Administration Office) to ensure compliance with Federal, State and UW regulations.
    • Please note that the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) has final signature authority on all extramural support, AND
    • You may not submit anything requiring a signature on your own. 
  • ME Research Administrators (RAs) provide comprehensive assistance with proposal preparation and submission before routing to RSP for approval and final submission
    • It is essential to notify the RA of upcoming submissions as soon as possible, preferably two weeks prior to the sponsor deadline.
    • All proposals must be finalized and submitted to your ME research administrator at least 3 days prior to the sponsor deadline in order to meet the internal COE Research Services Office deadline. If you are not able to meet this deadline, you must request an extension from the COE Assistant Dean and include your RA on the email. Please refer to the COE Internal Proposal Deadline Policy for full details.
    • OAR (Outside Activities Report) and COI (Conflict of Interest) Training must be completed and up to date prior to submitting any proposals.
  • After receiving an award, ME RAs provide tailored assistance in the award setupmanagement, and closeout processes, as well as assist you in submitting extensions and/or amendments.

Some common grant submission tools and resources are: 

  • As noted above, you must work with an ME RA to submit a proposal. All proposals must have a WISPER record (see next point).
  • WISPER: The internal UW system to route proposals, contracts, and agreements. The ME RA will create WISPER records and route them accordingly for approvals.
  • CAYUSE: Web-based system used for electronic submissions to federal agencies that provide adobe forms for the submission process (e.g. NIH, DOD, CDC, USDA, etc.)
  • Fastlane: Web-based system used for electronic NSF submissions. Even though a PI can submit a proposal on Fastlane, they cannot do so until there is college approval on the WISPER record.

Other useful resources include:

For additional questions regarding Research Administration, please contact

Catherine Shults                            or         Zach Smith

608-263-5372                                             608-890-1090

2107G Mechanical Engineering              2107H Mechanical Engineering


There are multiple IT Resources available, contact ME IT Support, Joshua Jankowski to get started.

  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) takes care of all the instructor podium computers in the classrooms. A CAE login is required to access these machines, this is NOT the same as your DoIT NetID. Create a CAE login on My CAE Account website. If you experience problems with CAE computers, contact the CAE help desk at (608) 262-5349 or All classrooms will have a laptop connection that will allow a laptop to be projected.
  • AV in classrooms and conference rooms is managed through Engineering Media Services. This includes videotaping, videoconferencing and equipment rentals.
  • CAE offers resources for downloading engineering software, website hosting, remote desktop services. See the Getting Started website for details.
  • Your faculty profile is updated by navigating to your profile on the ME website and clicking the “Update Profile” link in the lower right corner of the page.



The department copier and fax are located in 3057 ME. This room is open during business hours. If you want to access the room outside of business hours, make a key request. Contact the ME Front Desk USPA for a copy code to use the printer. To access the printer via the network contact ME IT Support: Joshua Jankowski:

Paper, pens and basic office supplies are in 3057 ME. If you need to order office supplies, look at Staples on Shop@UW and send a list of the items you want and the funding information to 


Safety protocols, services and training are available through UW Environment, Health & Safety.

All PIs are responsible for updating lab safety signs outside of their labs each year.

For all other safety questions please contact Jesse Decker, the CoE Stafety Director.


The university has important regulations that must be followed in order to purchase or be reimbursed for travel. It is the traveler’s responsibility to understand and comply with UW travel and reimbursement policies and procedures. If you have specific questions about policies or procedures contact the ME Financial Specialist. Important highlights are:

  • Travelers must be an authorized driver to claim mileage, rent a car, or drive a university fleet car. Contact the ME Front Desk USPA to get authorized. See the Risk Management website for information.
  • All UW employee and visitor airfare must be booked though Fox/Concur
  • All UW employee and visitor lodging must be booked through Fox/Concur or through the hotel or conference site directly. Third party sites like Expedia and Travelocity are not allowed.
  • The University follows federal meal and lodging per diems. A lodging and meal allowance calculator is available for travelers to determine per diems by location. This may be used before travel to plan or after travel for reimbursement.
  • Travel and expense reimbursement is submitted by employees through the UW E reimbursement system.
  • All required itemized receipts should be uploaded to the Expense Reimbursement (e-Reimbursement) system.